22 Common Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

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A designer in St. Louis Majority of homeowners are not professional designers and end up making some decorating mistakes in their homes. Here are 22 common decorating mistakes you should aware of.

  1. Photo overload on surfaces People feel sentimental about photos and struggle to leave the photos on the walls and tables. Display your favorite pictures on the wall of the gallery and change whenever you want.
  2. Toilet rugs Toilet mat are necessary, but they are no longer needed. Opt for a rectangular rug placed near the base of the toilet.
  3. Scattered cords This is one of the oldest mistakes in the book. Cords are required for almost all electronic devices in the home, so it is important to be important to keep them organized.
  4. Ignoring the foyer Instead of ignoring your entry way, why not use it to make a first impression of your house when a visitor enters?
  5. Themes that are out-of-place Try adding decorative pieces that relate to your home instead of having the whole place look like a spectacular beach.
  6. Obsolete hardware Old kitchen wares can make any kitchen look dull.
  7. One-sided furniture Some people have an eye for furniture, it is useful to examine the newspaper to see what someone else has done. If you have a sofa with a thick bottom, do not add a large table for coffee.
  8. Keeping things you hate It’s not always easy discarding the things we hate but we just have to do it at times to give our home a nice feel.
  9. Too formal Focus on making the living space a comfortable place. Too many pillows and hard furniture can make a room too unattractive.
  10. Dining chairs that are uncomfortable The dining room should never be an unpleasant experience
  11. Visible haze Even if you have a lot of stuff, that does not mean you have to live in disarray.
  12. Matchy-Matchy decor Having a match when decorating can be a very good thing … or very bad, just make sure it’s not too much.
  13. Following current trend Beware of trends, because it is difficult to get rid of the stuff that comes with a trend once the fad disappears, especially furniture.
  14. Furniture that does not match Furniture may not fit because show rooms are larger than your living rooms such that when you bring the furniture from the showroom to your living room, it may not fit.
  15. Too much color pattern If you have too many colors or patterns in the home, it tends to look distracting, busy and distracting
  16. Floating carpet Floating carpets are a big mistake people make because it makes the most disproportionate room.
  17. Inadequate lighting In every room in the house, you may want different types of lighting for the different times of the day. Voltage regulators are a great secret weapon for this – they are cheap, easy to install and control a range of mood and feeling of space.
  18. Frames hung too high If you bend your neck to see your art, then it’s hung too high
  19. Tacky couch covers If you love your furniture, there are plastic covers available that could be used to protect it instead of tacky covers.
  20. Pushed back furniture Pushing furniture to the walls do not usually provide the best aesthetic design. The appearance can be too square and uniform. A while back when i hired a designer in St. Louis, that was one of the mistakes i wasn’t even aware of.

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