A short time guide for first time travellers to Australia

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Are you a first-time visitor to Australia? And looking for some amazing tips then here comes a short guide for the first time travellers to Australia.Whether it is food, wildlife or some other places.Australia will surprise for first-time travellers from overseas.

The Sydney Harbour

The popular international icon is the Sydney opera house.The opera is smaller as people expect that it is larger.The impressive Sydney bridge harbour will make you far more impressive.


People generally make a mistake that they feel it is possible to visit Australia in two to three weeks but they actually don’t remember that Australia is a continent and also a country so there are many places to visit.So instead you plan for 2 to 3 weeks make sure that you plan only two to three places instead of planning for more places in one go because it is not at all possible.

Nothing in between

There are many gap between major cities which you wont be finding in Europe and US.There are hardly any small towns between the major cities.The line between urban and rural is due to the Australia’s credit.If you want to visit forest and want to be in the wild world,and instead of getting a short green blast before next arrangement comes along.

The Season

There is a common myththat asAustralia is in the Southern hemisphere and so the season get reversed from the Northern Hemisphere.It is true that in south side of the country but not in the north side.The best time if you plan to visit Sydney is from November to April but travellers do not consider that it is opposite for the great barrier reef of Australia and the top end when the season is monumentally soggy and sweaty wet.

The size of kangaroos

What you will be amazed to see in Australia is Kangaroos size.The eastern grey kangaroos are more bigger than what can imagine and they are also leaner and tough.When you look at red kangaroos they are more doubled and you will see that kangaroos are cute and you must remember that not to stand near them else they will kick you.

Lower Ranking Natural Areas

Do you love the evergreen greenery ?Australia has a pretty good patch of greenery in the form of National Park.And if you plan to visit them then get excited because they are gorgeous.

No one drinks fosters

The queenslanders are only one who drinks CastermaineXXXX.while the rest of the country thinks that it is a little weird.

The world of mate

The very famous thing about Australians is that they will call you mate even if you are knowing that individual or not but they will call you.The word means that they like you.If they say maaaaaaaaaaate then this means that they love you.

So, if you are a first time visitor to Australia and someone calls you mate then remember they like you and remember this short guide so that you can have fun and cherish your each moment at Australia when going for the first time.

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