Best Window Coverings for French Doors

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Many people tend to choose French doors that opens inward over sliding doors. That is because they add special architectural interest and provide a unique look to the other windows in the room. Adding window coverings to French doors is disconcerting. So you are to see them as windows instead of doors. The best window treatments for French doors depends on several things: the existing decor scheme, the desired amount of light in the room, your requirements in terms of privacy and your budget. Here are some hacks as written by a St. Peters window replacement expert, who works with one of the reputable window replacement company in The neighborhood.

Gathered sheers

Incorporating a small bar at the top and bottom of the window, you can add pure drawings or French doors suspended between two curtain rods. Distribute the sheer panels evenly across the upper and lower bars to create soft pleats and gathers. Sheers work best when you’re looking for a cheap option for filtering light while adding the desired daytime privacy to the doors. For a different look, tie a cloth ribbon or piece suits in the middle of the curtains to create an hourglass shape.

Cellular shades

As one of the best options for light filtering qualities or room fading, cellular shades easily fit into French door sizes without disturbing the shutters. Equipped with an accordion-type pleat, cellular shades offer high energy efficiency. With a few solid colors to choose, you can install in about an hour. Cellular shades come with low options of top down or bottom up according to your preferences. In order to let the sun shine in, retract them by just pulling the cord.

Roman shades

Roman shades as one of the best treatments for privacy for French doors, fabric roman blinds give you the option to let the light inside the room or shut against prying eyes. Unless you have a way of securing the bottom, the shades beat against the windows when a person enters or leaves the room through the French doors when the doors are in down position. But as the sheers and cellular shades, roman shades do not interfere with the door handles – something you need to think about when choosing window coverings on French doors.


Blinds works on the French doors also – wood, vinyl, metal, or faux wood – but you have to come up with a solution to manage the blinds around the door handles. This solution works best in a room decorated with blinds – and if you can lower the blinds on the window a little bit, it can help to solve the problem with the handle. Make sure that curtains prevents hit or damaging your French doors.

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