Enticement by the street foods of Sri Lanka

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The experience of trying something out of the norm can be fascinating and especially, a random street cuisine in a foreign country like Sri Lanka in the Asian Continent . A glance from far at the vendors and their merchandise can be quite disturbing notably, if it is the first time someone is walking down such streets that are usually jammed with handcarts, people and mobile hotels of all kinds just nearby. The sweet aroma gives another reality when you arrive at the proximity of the crowded streets and suddenly, the desire to taste different cuisines is elicited whether someone is hungry or not.

An unimaginable taste of the cuisine

I had the opportunity of tasting one of the nourishment in this Asian country last December after experiencing the culture shock that arose due to what i am used to seeing in my country “The Kottu Rotti” , a delicious type of bread that mainly goes with various spices, greens, meat or eggs or a mixture of both proteins.I came to learn that at an order of the food, a person can actually decide the amount of spices that he or she desires to be put on his Kottu to his or her own satisfaction.

How Kottu Rotti as a street food is prepared

A dough is prepared from wheat flour and cut in small round pieces. The pieces are then taken and smeared with a little cooking oil and made into flat round shapes like wheels. Heating of the pieces take place in a pan with the temperature being checked on the pan to avoid overheating and hence burning them.From here they are rolled together in a pin shaped pattern and chopped into tiny pieces.Vegetables are fried in oil together with onions, eggs are added together with sauce and chilli. Depending on the meat requirement, chicken or other forms of meat can be added, mixed together and served.

Why was it my best type of dish

Kottu Rotti is a dish that needs no much preparation in instances whereby all recipes are ready and takes much less time to cook. It is also rich in terms of dietary nutritional requirements as both carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins are taken care of by required cooking materials. Despite being a meal, it can also be grabbed as a snack and more, it is made from readily available recipes. It is relatively cheaper as compared to many other types of street foods in many countries of the same value.

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