How to Clean Oriental Rugs

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Oriental rugs are a popular style of rug with origin from countries like Iran, China and India. These rugs stand out for their rich colors and unique designs and can be found in thousands of homes worldwide. Oriental rugs come in all varieties and shapes and are usually made of materials such as wool or cotton, but can also be made from things such as silk or synthetic material. The addition of an oriental rug to your home can bring a room to life, but like other rugs, they can also get dirty. Fortunately, if you use the right techniques to clean and take care of your rug, you can keep your new rug for a longtime.

Check The Rug’s Label

Raise the corners of your rug to reveal the label on the rug. Usually the label will have instructions on how best to clean your oriental rug. Rugs can be made of cotton, wool, silk, or synthetic material and each requires some degree of finesse when cleaning. Wool and cotton rugs are generally more durable and easy to clean.

Vacuum and Regularly Tend to the Rug

Vacuuming your rug at least once every week will lift recent dirt and debris and keep the rug smelling nice and looking newer. Vacuuming also prevents the fibers on your rug from becoming compacted

Keep your Rug out of Direct Sunlight

Oriental rugs can be prone to damage by sunlight, so keep away from windows if possible. Leaving an oriental rug in the sun will make the colors fade over time. If your carpet has to be in full sun, place it at least once a month. Although the colors will still likely fade, it’ll fade uniformly.

Test to see if your Rug is Colorfast

Some rugs are colorfast and will not bleed when they are wet, while others will. If the label on the rug reads ‘dry cleaning’ only, then there is a good chance that your rug is not colorfast. If you want to test your carpet, saturate a corner of the carpet with water at room temperature, then press with a clean white cloth. If there is a dye on the white cloth, then it is likely to bleed if you carpet cleaning it yourself.

Move your Furniture around Occasionally

Heavy furniture sitting on top of your oriental rug can work down the fibers and damage the rug over time. To avoid this, rearrange your furniture every six months. This will make the wear and tear even and increase its longevity.

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