Ten questions to ask a basement contractor

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Basement Remodeling in St. Louis has become the order of the day, and its either you do it right or you get yourself screwed up. It is an important and expensive project to finish basements, so, you will want it done right. To know if the contractor you hire is up to the task, ask him these questions before you hire him to eliminate a lot of headache.

1. For how long have you been in business?

For you not to be somebody’s first time, it is important to ask this question. Although there is no right answer to this question, five years is a good indicator that the person has the necessary experience.

2. Is your company a specialty basement firm or a full-service firm?

If a company specialize mainly in basements, they are more likely to have a broad mastery of the options available.

3. Are you licensed?

If a basement contractor is unlicensed, you, as the homeowner, can be left in a bad spot if something goes wrong.

4. Are you insured, and for how much?

Your contractor must be insured and the least amount should be the value of your home in case someone get injured.

5. How many employees do you have?

It is usually helpful to know if the whole job will be handled in-house or if it will give out to subcontractors. Though Subcontractors aren’t necessarily a bad thing, however, it may be difficult to control the quality of work.

6. How possible is it for me to visit some of your current or past job sites?

Most times, it can be helpful to see results physically and also speak to other customers about their experience with the contractor.

7. How long will it take to finish the work?

There should be a time frame and not dates carved in stone as basement projects usually take time. A contractor who is forced into a window of time will miscalculate because he was forced to do something faster than it should be done.

8. Will you be pulling the permits?

All basement project usually requires a permit. You leave yourself at risk if you don’t get one and a basement contractor should be willing to help you get it.

9. Is it possible for me to receive a detailed drawing, scope of work and guaranteed price?

Get a written plan with the company logo on it. Though it doesn’t have to be a CAD drawing, it should not be written just a piece of paper, either.

10. Why is your price different from the ones I got from other quotations?

Your basement contractor should be straight with you about what is and isn’t included in the quote so that you can have a complete understanding of the project.

IF you need more tips on what to know or at least ask your contractor about before hiring them for your basement remodeling, please read through this article here.

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