Top 10 food to try in Canada

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(1)P. E. I Potatoes: White, red, yellow are very popular in Canada. These potatoes are being grown by Prince Edward Islanders(P.E.I). They are prepared as cooked and can also be fried and mixed with different spices to make it saucy and delicious.

(2) Nova Scotia Lobster: Lobster can be eaten all year round in Canada. The Atlantic coast of Nova has abundance of this lobster, this makes it popular and eaten in every part of the country.

(3)Oysters: This food is so much love in Canada and it is also found in abundance due to the presence of pacific and Atlantic coast in Canada. It is prepared either by cooking or smoking the oyster, can be served with other food delicacies.

(4) Game Meat: This food is very popular in Canada, it is gotten from meat products, they are found in butcheries, restaurants and so many places that food are being served in Canada.

(5) Nanaimo Bars: This a legendary food served in Canada, it is prepared with graham-cracker crumbs, coconut, walnuts, vanilla, custard and chocolates. It can be done inform of peanut butter and mint chocolate due to the flexibility of the spices being used.

(6)Butter Tarts: This typical Canadian food is made from butter, sugar, eggs and syrup. It is filled in a shell when preparing, the shell must be lubricated with butter to have a good taste and not the shell taste and odor. When baking, it can be left till it becomes solid or soft.

(7)Bacon: This food is prepared from pork product. This can be prepared in so many ways, we have different bacon being served in Canada such as the pea meal bacon. This food is very important to the Canadians that they prefer to eat it over any type of food being give or served.

(8) Maple Syrup: This is a food which has it root in maple tree, the syrup for the preparation of this food which serve as the most important delicacy in this food is gotten from maple tree. The syrup serves in the preparation of it major course food such as pancakes and waffles

(9) Ketchup Chips: The chips are prepared in a nice way and eaten with ketchup. What a delicacy to behold. It has a natural saucy taste which can be found in many of the best delicacy found in different places in the world.

(10) Suzhi Pizza : This food is mostly food in Japanese restaurant in Canada, often called Japanese Suzhi in most cases, served and eaten in Canada. It is a mini pizza like in shape, which often looks like a preparation of fried rice cake and a raw fresh fish with a spicy ingredient called the mayo. Apart from it being eaten in Canada, it has extended outside of the country to place like California due to it good delicacy.

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