Validity of a tourist visa to India

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Did you know that India is a prestigious country to visit as a tourist?Should you acquire a tourist visa to visit India? How long can you stay on a tourist visa in India?

The visitors who are on a business trip and just need to stay in India for less than 72 hours can simply acquire transit visa to India which is meant for the 72 hours of stay in India. Individuals who wish to come to India purely to explore Indian culture and heritage can apply for Indian Tourist Visa. All tourist visas for India are designed for the period of six months.

Tourist Visa for India can also be provided for the period of 5 years which allows the visitors to stay in India for up to 3 months or 90 days during the every journey to India within five years. You can contact any of the private Indian visa processing companies who are outsourced by the Indian Embassy for easier availability of the India Visa. Applicants who possess required information to process the Indian Visa can directly put their applications to the authorized center of Indian Embassy.

Organizing visa for India involves a series of steps, and it’s better if you possess adequate knowledge about various Indian visas before applying for a visa:

  • Applicant has to submit his passport along with the India Visa application form.
  • Applicants should have at least two blank pages in his passport with six months of visa validity remaining at the time of submitting the visa form.
  • Applicant must provide his two recent passport size photographs with the other credentials describing the authentication of the applicant’s eligibility for the visa.
  • Applicants have to submit his/her residential proofs when applying for the visa to India.

For all the general India Visa cases application will be processed within the five working days in a week, which sometimes differ from the country to country from where you are applying Visa for India. The total cost of your Visa India may depend upon a number of factors like the total time of your stays in the country, the exigency of the document, etc. All the general requirements mentioned above may or may not vary with the nation’s own visa and immigration rules.

Remember that,Visa service may charge a fee, in exchange, there is less stress when it comes to your visa application, and it can be useful because it will give you much more time to plan your vacation.

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