What I Learnt by visiting India?

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I could not hold but marvel about how big and beautiful India is. It is a vast country with all geographical features I have ever read. From the striking Himalayan Mountains to the golden sandy Thar Desert, to the snowcapped mountains to pristine sandy beaches, one cannot help but watch in awe the beautiful landscape and tall awesome looking buildings. Just to note a few of what I learnt by visiting India, check out below:

· History

Indians (residents of India) are rich in history dating back to 5th millennia. Historical books written reveal the part India played during the period they were under European colony. Then the stories of the kingdoms and dynasties that used to rule. All these actually form part of history that cannot be forgotten.

· Culture

You will be amazed with the way Indians are still deeply rooted to their culture. They are categorized into four main ones namely: Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism and Sikhism . Their culture is often unique as you will not any like it in other parts of the world. Take weddings for example, it is a ceremony marked with pomp and culture that only you should see because no description can fit in. they way tey dress and greet one another is also particular. By the way, they regard visitors with high respect and believe is a gift from god.

· Food

The great aroma of mouthwatering food will first hit your nostrils once you enter the town from the airport. The famous street food in India is a rare kind of finger licking dishes prepared by different spices. Although India was known as a vegetarian country formerly, there have been introduction of westernized food that are so flavourly that everyone including tourists enjoy. The foods have a variety of menus to choose from and are different from one region to another.

· Indian architecture

These are typically the old temples, forts and palaces that existed long time ago. Their architectural designs are stunning due to the quality of art displayed. The architecture has evolved over time through the various dynasties and kingdoms that have ruled India over time. The historical places and archeological sites have even been marked as world heritage sites by UNESCO!

· Song and dance

It is evidently the most integral part of the society. In fact, notable musicians and bands originated from India. They will express love, politics, culture and everything with a song complimented by their flexible body dance. The music is made beautiful by the traditional music equipments that bring out unique sounds only identified with Indians.

Given a chance, I would visit India again.

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